Our own brand " NESCO " registered trade mark  The brand represent for Thai company where as 

N stand for "North" of Thailand (also our founder previous company  name North Wind marketing established since 19xx) 

E stand for "East"  of Thailand.

stand for "South" of Thailand (also our founder another previous company name Sout Wind Marketing established since 19xx)

C stand for "Central" of  Thailand.

O stand for Organization.

The " RED " color derive from the Thailand National Flag which RED represented National.

We are the Thai company represented to our Thai National.


  • เตาอบไฟฟ้ารุ่นที่ผลิตที่โรงงานของเราเอง
    The first Toaster Oven production by us in Thailand NPC-4131

    This toaster oven was produced in Thailand with our own manufacturing located in Rama II area. One of the most popular product at that time.
  • The introduction of the biggest steamer in the world with new material innovation in 19xx

    This product at that time using the new plastic material that very strong and high impact strength which that time very new introduction to the market. And this steamer is the biggest size in the market at that time. This steamer can steam the whole chicken with 24 liter capacity.
  • The first NESCO Convection Oven NC-4011 introduce in 1997

    One of the best quality product in that time which using PYREX glass pot from USA. That make the product so stunning.