In 2009, the starting point of our bicycle business come from a meeting with a clients who are one of the biggest store in Thailand. The Management propose us to find a qualify bicycle to sell in their 40 stores at that moment. We took about one year to plan our concept bicycle which finally we named her as " K-POP "

In 2009, we had a good opportunity to introduce our new brand K-POP bicycle into the market. The first model is folding bike with shock absorber model name: KP-2003 with six colors. We are the first Thai brand to introduce very colorful and fancy color into the market. This concept hit the market very well. Thank you for all end user like our colorful and design for K-POP bicycle.

K-POP come from the word " KHUN" which mean MR. & MRs. in Thai. The word " POP" come from Popular which we probably hope one day our K-POP bicycle brand will be come popular among thai people. The concept of K-POP bicycle brand is " Quality with colorful and hit designed". So, all of our K-POP models will come with colorful and at least 4-6 colors per models. The best sell model ever is  folding bike KP-2001TSP21  which come with very nice design 21 speeds and of course 6 color option.

  • โลโก้ แบบคลาสิก
    Classic LOGO

    Our first K-POP logo using from 2009 till now but only with the bicycle classic or vintage style.

  • One of the most successful model and hit the market with 6 colorful design come with 21 speeds and flat design tyre (sport look). This model make a stunning new to the market at that time no colorful bike and only 6-7 speeds in the market. We are the first one who introduce colorful and 21 speeds with competitive price into the market.
    till now we already have four generation of this model.

  • New K-POP sport design come with new technology OEMs from one of the most biggest bicycle manufacturer in the world. After successful of folding bike we expanded the product line to middle end bike under our K-POP brand. We do ODMs with one of the most biggest and technology manufacturing in China and introduce new product line into the market in year 2014.
  • เทคโนโลยี อัลตราไลท์
    K-POP bicycle technology

    Our Middle end product line include Mountain Bike and Road bike with latest technology at the time. Include 27.5 wheels size and build in new disc brake design / inner cable wiring system/ SP consummated that make the frame look more beautiful .and the technology of " Ultra lite " which can see detail in next topics.
  • Ultra lite technology

    With technology of " Ultra lite " which we have used in our K-POP middle end products. This technology help to reduce the weight of frame by adding production process into the butted process of aluminium frame production.
    We can do " Single butted" "Double Butted" and "Triple butted" that help to reduce total weight of frame which mostly used in European brand but we can use the same technology in Thai brand K-POP.
  • 2016 An introduction of new product innovation

    We create a new Tandem bike which can foldable and only one rider can ride. This bike we design for family. Daddy / Mommy and little kids. The point is the bike can fold and one people can ride with other just keep sit and hold. The tandem bike in the market need all rider to push pedal at the same time but not us.